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Making this blog

I’ve been reading Austin Kloen’s Show your Work book, which made me more inclined to share my work. Also it talk about besides sharing on social media, having your own blog.


So I started looking for options for creating my blog. Since my new portifolio is now on Github using github pages, I started looking for personal blogs hosted on github, and found a video about Jekyll Now - Create a Free Blog in GitHub Using Jekyll

I tried it, but found the page design not quite yey what I wanted. Looking more into Jekyll, I found more layout themes, including Chipy theme, which I quite liked, and matched what I wanted on my blog.

After some experiemnts using Jekyll, Jekyll Now and the Chirpy Theme, I followed the tutorial on Chirpy Documentation, and soon enought my blog was Online. I also had help from this youtube video: - Como criar um blog no GitHub Pages com Jekyll (pt-br)

Now the next step it to start posting often, and improving any lacking feature I find of the the blog site.

Till next Time!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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