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Hello, this is my portfolio.
I'm a game developer, trying everyday to make better games for everybody.
Here you will check my best work.

Games and Apps

Made at Kokku

Kokku is the largest Brazilian co-development company, with teams are capable of delivering high-quality assets and products that range from Art Outsourcing and Porting/Remastering to Co-Development and Full-Cycle Game Development.

Educational Browser Games

The Virtual University of the State of São Paulo (in Portuguese: Universidade Virtual do Estado de São Paulo, UNIVESP) is a public university in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, designed to offer semipresencial courses for the whole state. It is the first virtual public university in Brazil.

Game jams

Game Jams, Ludum Dares and anything similar

What I do


C# Advanced
C++ Basic
LUA Basic


6+ years of
VR & AR Mobile
Porting WebGL

XR Projects

Virtual reality, augmented reality and similar works



About me

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30 years old. He/him. Brazilian. Professional Amateur Game Developer.

I'm a Unity Developer, with a focus on VR and AR and a passion for making games. I've been using Unity for 5 years and worked with it in VR, AR, Mobile, and Web. I have experience abroad in Canada, where I lived for a year and a half, studied at the University of Toronto, and worked at Little Guy Games, a small mobile game studio. Currently living in Montreal.

As long as you live, keep learning how to live. ~ Seneca

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